Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeling A Pull

Lately I've been feeling this pull, this desire [either from God or my own heart or both] to take what I'm doing in worship music more seriously than I have in the past. I don't know what that means necessarily. I only know that it is time for me to take what I am doing in worship music to the next level.

I think any artist struggles with the value of their work, and whether or not it truly matters. In light of all that goes on in the world, in light of all the pain and need, does it really make much a difference if I write one more song, or produce one more video, or spend so much time focusing on this art? Or would my time be better spent actually trying to make a tangible difference in my community and in our world? It's a struggle I've gone back and forth on over my years doing what I do.

But thanks be to God, who continues to affirm me in the work that I do. And in the midst of this affirmation, I'm feeling a call to go in deeper, to invest more, to take this art more seriously. So, I'll be working out what that means for me in the coming months/years.

This will have ramifications for this EP project, my worship leading, my church, my songwriting....nearly everything I touch. And I don't know what those will be.

All I know is I'm feeling a pull, and I'm going with it.