Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend is a huge blessing to me. We've recently had lots of time as a family [mostly because of sick children]. But because of some special events and parties this weekend, I'll be spending the majority of my time with different groups of close friends.

What an awesome blessing friendship is. This weekend, I have already enjoyed time with longtime friends and new friends from church, laughing, dancing, eating, and enjoying each other. I have laughed a lot already!

Tonight, I get to enjoy time with friends from college. They are some of my oldest and closest friends, and probably know Amie and I the best. [I'll also have the blessing of playing some music with longtime friends, and being around a combination of old and new friends].

Tomorrow, I'll experience church with longtime and new friends, and will host a gathering of friends in our home tomorrow night.

There's a unique blessing in friendship that differs from the blessing of family. Perhaps it is the rarity of time together. Perhaps it is that laughter comes easier and differently than it does with family...whatever the case, I am simply drinking in the goodness of time with friends. I am thankful to God for this good gift. It is filling me.

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