Friday, September 9, 2011

Work v. Play

I struggle to balance the tension between effort and restful service. I believe the best work comes out of the overflow of the heart. However, I believe that we should also give all we have to what it is that we do. I'm in this period of life where I am feeling incredibly motivated to accomplish a lot, to be fruitful, to make a difference. And every once in awhile, I am wondering to myself: Am I being too driven?

I do believe that it is God's power in me that allows me to live and move and have my being. I believe it is Jesus who sustains me breath by breath, moment by moment.

However, I also believe that I will reap what I will sow. I believe that if I put my "talents" to work, and work hard, that the harvest will yield its fruit.

So I struggle with this. I want a healthy balance between work and play, activity and rest, movement and stillness. And right now, I'm not sure if I'm balanced enough. I'll have to sit with that a little longer, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Terry, I have just been thinking of this very thing. On Sunday, I questioned my "drive" to get things in order before my week began (groceries, cleaning, etc.) I didn't sit down until after 10. I thought to myself "even God allowed himself a rest!" Anyway, I think it comes down to being aware of the lack of balance and making just as much of an effort towards rest as we have towards work. Good luck with that and if you figure it out, let me know! Keep up the writing and I hope you and Amie had some good rest on vacation!