Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Safe or Risky?

The hard part about selecting material to put on this project is this:

I have written several three-minute, basic pop worship songs. They are catchy, memorable, and not bad.

I have also written several less-accessible, but more artistically interesting songs that will probably not resonate with as broad of a scope of people. However, I find them far more interesting.

So do I record songs that will appeal to a broader spectrum of people, and are generally a safer bet? Or do I record songs that I find more interesting, and maybe people won't like as much? Or both? Or neither?

I have made a decision about this question....but what do you think?


backmike1 said...

Follow your heart. Sometimes as a musician you get so caught up in what you think your audience wants that sometimes you lose sight of what you want to do with it. I love putting my own stamp on music wether it was the praise music at FCC or the covers my band plays. I get the best of both worlds with that. Looking foward to the final result brother. I'm sure it'll be great.

Mike B

Anonymous said...

I 100% endorse riskier, but more fulfilling music. I would imagine your audience may be less broad, but I'd argue they're more focused and enthusiastic about the music. Enjoy the process!

Cindy said...

I guess it depends on why you are making an EP? Are you doing this for yourself or for others? The answer seems obvious to me. Do what you know to do, it will be great and it will be YOU. Looking forward to hearing something soon!!


Anonymous said...

I'd say be most concerned with what God want's to use your music for and the rest will fall into place nicely.

Aidan said...

A healthy mix of both, leaning more heavily toward the risky. Everyone likes a good, catchy, simple worship tune they can get into and sing in the shower, but you have to be true to your art. Otherwise, you just keep looking at what you've put out there and thinking, "Man, I sold myself short." Because when you don't risk and put that edge out there, you still know it is what most powerfully pulses through you, and you get into this weird figment world that is cool, but isn't quite there. Go for it; take the risk.

Anonymous said...

Nice guitar. What was the question again?

Terry said...

Lots of interesting opinions...thanks for your thoughts. I'll talk about this more as we keep going through the process.